Brick Paver Cleaning and Brick Paver Sealing Services

A home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, and your brick paver driveways and walkways require proper maintenance. Regular brick paver cleaning and sealing is one way to protect that investment. Not only do properly maintained brick pavers add curb appeal, but they can greatly increase your home’s value. Over time, dirt, debris and mildew can collect on your driveway, degrading the appearance and causing the pavers to deteriorate more quickly. Bacteria and algae feed on the surfaces and can leave dark streaks, stains, and other contaminates on your driveway or walkway. This is commonly caused by vehicles that are leaking oil or other fluids.

Maintaining a clean and sealed paver driveway can help avoid expensive repairs and increase safety. Dirt, mud and mold can be slippery. Our brick paver cleaning and sealing pros can give you a free estimate for sealing and cleaning a variety of driveway, walkway, and pool deck surfaces. Some brick paver cleaning services just offer power washing services. We take the time to customize your brick paver cleaning needs based on its condition, material, and budget. We use only the highest quality driveway sealing products to ensure a professional grade long lasting finish. Depending on the amount of seal coats, these sealants protect the brick pavers for up to 3 years. Contact us today for more information and a free estimate.

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